Carthage Land Yasmine Hammamet : Aqualand and Attraction Park in Tunisia

Rules of procedure

General rules of procedure of the Carthage Land Park

Please read carefully and respect the rules below; your entry implies your acceptance of the rules of procedure.
  • It is mandatory to comply with all safety and operating instructions displayed or transmitted by park staff. Please inform yourself in advance.
  • For safety reasons, some attractions have specific access restrictions depending on size, stature, condition and physical or health conditions required by the manufacturer's standards.
  • The entrance ticket is personal, must be kept throughout your visit and presented at the exit.
  • Exit and re-entry is not permitted.
  • For security reasons, entry to the park is subject to search; thank you for complying.
  • The opening periods, timetables and prices are brought to the attention of the public by posting at the entrance to the park.
  • Children under 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult (+18) who has full responsibility.
  • It is forbidden to Climb or cross a separation of any kind, run, enter prohibited areas marked with signs or placards.
  • It is forbidden to smoke, eat or drink in the attractions or on the beaches and around the bodies of water. Spaces are reserved for this purpose.
  • It is forbidden to leave or throw waste of any kind elsewhere than in the containers and bins reserved for their collection.
  • Thank you for respecting the cleanliness of this environment
  • Il est interdit d’apporter tous types d’aliments ou de boissons, des contenants de verre ou objets contondants ou aiguisés, d’amener des animaux et de cracher et d’uriner en dehors des W.C.
  • No verbal and/or physical violence will be tolerated in the park. Anyone who behaves in a way that disturbs order, peace and proper functioning could be subject to immediate, definitive expulsion and without refund of the entrance fee.
  • Persons who have caused damage to the facilities will be forced to pay the amount of repairs.
  • Jewelry, watches and accessories are not accepted in all activities. We accept no liability for their losses; paid safes are available to secure your personal items.
  • No recourse can be exercised against the operator; Found objects are deposited immediately at the reception and recorded in the notebook reserved for this purpose.
  • Some attractions and restaurants may be closed for technical, weather or organizational reasons.
  • The car park is monitored but not guarded.
  • The management reserves the right to change the articles of these rules without notice.

Attractions games

  • It is forbidden to ride barefoot or shirtless or wet on the attractions
  • It is mandatory to wait for the complete stop of the attractions before getting on or off

Water games

  • Are not allowed inside the park: People in a state of intoxication; or suffering from contagious disease, or skin diseases or suffering from sores or wounds
  • A cloakroom reserved for men and a cloakroom reserved for women. Children under the age of five can access the cloakroom depending on the gender of the accompanying person.
  • Only swimsuits are allowed for men and boys. All other clothing is prohibited: T-shirts, boxer shorts, boxer shorts, bermuda shorts and any other similar outfit.
  • Any child in diapers must wear swim diapers at all times.
  • The shower, the soaping, the passage to the footbath, are obligatory before the access to the basins.
  • Compulsory bathing attire: cotton and jeans are strictly prohibited in the pools and slides.
  • Food and drink prohibited.
  • Please keep your tickets for the exit.
  • Please respect the park regulations displayed at the entrance.
  • The ticket does not allow you to exit and re-enter the park.
  • Take care of your personal items inside the park.
  • Location des transats à 4dt.
  • Location des casiers à 4dt avec caution de 6dt.

Thank you and welcome